Bertolli Frozen Meals Coupon

Do you love the Bertolli Italian food products? Of course, and you will love them even more with a Bertolli frozen meals coupon. You probably are very familiar with the jars of Bertolli pasta sauces you can find at your favorite grocery store. But did you know Bertolli also has great olive oil and frozen meals?

The Bertolli olive oil is the number one brand worldwide and is still bottled in Italy. There are extra virgin, Classico and extra light tasting varieties The Bertolii frozen meals provide authentic Italian fine dining experience that is ready in a few minutes. These are not the cheapest items in the freezer isle, so try to use a Bertolli frozed meals Coupon when you can. Every ingredient is provided, all you need is a skillet or an oven.

In the classic meal category there are about a dozen different meals for two including: chicken Florentine and farfalle, shrimp scampi and linguine, chicken parmigiana and penne and Italian sausage and rigatoni all ready in about 10 minutes. In the Mediterranean style group there is rosemary chicken, linguine and cherry tomatoes, steak rigatoni and Portobello mushrooms and chicken rigatoni and broccoli among others. And lastly there are the Bertolli oven bake meals which can bake in the oven or the microwave. Some of the favorites in this group include meat lasagna rustica, stuffed shells in scampi sauce and roasted chicken cannelloni.

The Bertolli website has information about all the products and great recipes to enhance the base products. Unlike most manufacturers, the site does not always have a Bertolli frozen meals Coupon available on the site – but keep looking, once in a while there will be coupons available for printing out. So look elsewhere like coupon web sites or the Sunday papers. You will typically find coupons for the sauce most often with Bertolli Coupons for the frozen meals less frequent, when you find the meal coupons they will generally be for at least a dollar off so it’s worth the hunt. Bertolli meals offer a great alternative to the normal fast food or frozen food experience. Bertolli is almost fine restaurant quality food. It’s not the cheapest item available in the frozen section but it is worth the treat every once and a while, especially when you have Bertolli coupons such as a Bertolli frozen meals coupon.